Tramashika DeWalt Ms. Woman Florida United States - 2023

Ms. Woman Florida United States - 2023

Tramashika DeWalt

When going into the military, there is a process to transition you from civilian life to military life. However, there is no process to transition from military life back to civilian life.

Approximately 200,00 service members leave the military each year. About half will face challenging difficulties such as: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Military Sexual Trauma, and a myriad of other difficulties while trying to readjust to relating to people who don’t know or understand the military experience, reconnecting and re-establishing a role in their family, and creating the structure we were accustomed to in the military.

As the byproduct of these difficulties, I created United in Service Coalition with the focus to serve as a beacon of hope to help with this transition through the transformative power of community service, social engagements, and educational workshops.

In our steadfast demeanor as a pillar of support in prioritizing these shared experiences, we aspire to cultivate a more cohesive experience that honors those who have sacrificed so much in their transition.

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