Melissa Perkins Mrs. Florida United States - 2022

Mrs. Florida United States - 2022

Melissa Perkins

My mission is to help every woman be her best self.  My platform, Be Healthy Be You, helps women turn their interests into physical activity. I inspire busy moms, working professionals, and ladies who just feel stuck in a rut to take what they love and use it to get active.  

The CDC reports that 65% of women don’t engage in enough physical activity to be healthy and 25% don’t participate in any physical activity at all. Women feel they have too much on their plates to prioritize their health.  Through my blog ( and social media channels, I share the importance of physical health and motivate women across the United States to show up for themselves.

Being active doesn’t have to mean logging hours in the gym. I am passionate about physical health and aquatic conservation.  I’ve turned my passion into action by taking more than 65 pounds of trash out of the ocean, running 80 miles for marine conservation, and carrying tens of thousands of boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to support young women.  

Through Be Healthy Be You, I have partnered with over two dozen nonprofit organizations to expand my personal impact. I am committed to helping other women make a difference by prioritizing physical activity and turning their interests into action.

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