Carly Meek Mrs. Florida United States - 2019

Mrs. Florida United States - 2019

Carly Meek

Mrs. Florida, Carly's, platform is the health and well-being of moms and babies. Carly serves the community through Healthy Start to make certain moms have everything they need for their babies to be healthy from car seats, parenting classes, to proper nutrition. She has served with Healthy Start since 2011 to reduce the rate of infant mortality and babies born with low birth weight. 

Carly is currently working on changing policy in Florida to provide homeless mothers with shelter during pregnancy. There is only one state that has this through medicaid and that is Massachusetts. As your Mrs. United States, Carly would work on changing policy in every single state in the country to make certain that homeless mothers have shelter during pregnancy. Carly believes that the future depends on the health of moms and babies. 

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