Kaitlyn May Ms. Colorado United States - 2022

Ms. Colorado United States - 2022

Kaitlyn May

When I was 18 I got my first tattoo but I was told to hide it when I competed in pageants. Now at 23, I am choosing to show off my tattoos while competing and in every aspect of my life. With my platform, The Tattooed Crown, I help encourage and empower women to not only compete in pageants and to show off their tattoos but to also shine light on that fact that women in general have tattoos. I have personally had several different women tell me their stories of how they have had coaches, contestants, and judges tell them that they should or should have covered up their tattoos. This has turned so many women away from the world of pageantry as they get older because they have strong feelings towards their tattoos as most if not all women who compete and have tattoos have a meaning behind them. With The Tattooed Crown, I am giving those women a voice and a spotlight to be heard past their tattoos as that is just a small part of who they are. Between the empowerment and encouragement I hope we can continue to change the dynamic of the pageant community and allow women of all different kinds be a part of this amazing experience without having to hide who they really are.

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