Katrina Lautenschlager Miss Colorado United States - 2021

Miss Colorado United States - 2021

Katrina Lautenschlager

Freedom & Growth Mindset

I’m passionate about serving the communities around me in any way I can, as someone driven by a service mindset. Specifically, I love finding ways to inspire those around me to pursue their dreams and best versions of themselves, stepping into who they were made to be. Therefore, advancing ideas of a growth mindset and freedom are so important to me. This involves helping others see opportunities where they otherwise might allow set backs to discourage them, teaching others how to look for the positivity within everything, and emboldening them to view themselves as a product of their choices instead of a victim of any circumstances. It also means working with groups and advocating for ideas promoting both individual freedom and the concept of freedom in the United States, anywhere from the fight against human trafficking to promoting patriotism. I have a background working and being involved in politics and a passion for helping people live their best lives, along with a business and digital marketing mindset, so combining all of that makes for a strong presentation in helping others become more aware of what’s truly important to stand for, in betterment of their own lives and also our nation.

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