Linda Casey Ms. Woman Colorado United States - 2019

Ms. Woman Colorado United States - 2019

Linda Casey

There are so many worthy causes in this great nation, but the one I am most passionate about is raising awareness of the homeless epidemic, particularly in the state of Colorado, home of the Rocky Mountains. I am not sure if the short term vacationers that visit this beautiful state realize there is an extremely high rate of homelessness in Colorado compared to other states. According to the Denver Post, in one single night of December 2018, just recently, shortly before Christmas, a head count found 10,857 people experiencing homelessness in warehouse type shelters. This statistic doesn’t include the homeless sleeping on the streets or under bridges, that were turned away after shelters capacities had been reached. My mission and platform for this pageant is to educate the public on the struggles faced by the homeless, debunk the myths about homelessness in an attempt to end discrimination against the homeless, and offer solutions to maximize services in order to facilitate self-reliance.

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