Sasha Gutierrez Ms. California United States - 2022

Ms. California United States - 2022

Sasha Gutierrez

Am pleased to proclaim my platform, "Homeless Help and Reform (HHR).”

    My endeavors to help those in need began at 8 years old in Girl Scouts.
Since then, my passion to serve has only amplified. As of current, the list of community service measures have extended as follows:

    Organizing local food drives, clothing drives, product/ toiletry drives, spending time at my local food kitchens preparing/ distributing meals for the homeless of Skid Row/ LA County, contributing to my local food banks, regularly distributing water supply and assembling goodie bags for the homeless in Venice Beach, CA. In the winter seasons, to combat freezing temperatures, my team collects and distributes blankets and socks to those on the streets. During the Covid- 19 pandemic, many local services were discontinued due to safety precautions. To help keep the unsheltered safe, I prepared and handed out safety packs which consisted of masks, sanitizer gel/wipes, gloves and an oral hygiene kit.  

    Because my appetite to improve the community is ample, the list of endeavors extend further than my platform. Ventures are as follows:

    Donating toys to local children's hospitals, volunteering my time/gifts to the convent with the Mother Teresa nuns, beach clean ups, delivering baked goods to my local fire fighter stations and spending time with local military veterans. More over, I really take pride in expressing my patriotism by singing the national anthem at local events.

     Furthermore, regularly love to make time to drive down to Mexico and donate clothes/ food to those in need. Have also made copious time to travel and teach children in Third World countries such as Indonesia, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama how to read, write, and speak English. As a humanitarian, it is my core belief that the need for knowledge and generosity has no borders.

      As of now, tools used to promote my platform are, social media, YouTube, blogs, local media and word of mouth. These outlets help engage and encourage others to participate in community service efforts. My Instagram page (and developing nonprofit organization) @heartsolutions is solely aimed to motivate followers to partake in acts of utility and benevolence. The feedback is truly amazing!

      For my efforts, I've received various community service awards and humanitarian queen titles. Honors such as these are very much appreciated however, they are only icing on the cake. The true reward lies in fulfilling my life purpose to serve and help those in distress.

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