Elise Brisco Ms. Woman California United States - 2022

Ms. Woman California United States - 2022

Elise Brisco

My platform is Healthy Living for Healthy Aging. As an integrative doctor and Clinical Homeopath for the past 34 years I have seen what happens when patients don’t take care of themselves. My baby brother and mother become handicapped from strokes due to HBP and cholesterol. So I made it my mission to educate and motivate people to take better care of themselves as they age.
It’s troubling that 9 out of 10 people my age have chronic illnesses. Many people don’t know that health problems can be managed or reversed with a healthy lifestyle. My goal is to change the narrative about aging by showing how you can live your best life by being proactive about your health.

I’m doing this in several ways:

•    I founded a vision wellness company called NearSight which develops innovative solutions for vision problems that result from aging and our heavy dependence on digital devices.
•    I am the star of a new reality podcast called Being Golden where the producers from the Kardashians and Project Runway are documenting my efforts as a Pro Aging spokesmodel
•    I’m using modeling to show people the results of a healthy lifestyle.

I’m here to make a difference in people’s lives. This has been my life's mission as a doctor and now as Ms. Woman California United States.

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