Berlyn Sharp Miss Pre-Teen California United States - 2022

Miss Pre-Teen California United States - 2022

Berlyn Sharp

To improve the health of millions of our youth across the United States I started my platform, Teen off Screens! My dream is to reduce childhood health issues such as poor focus, depleted mental energy and explosive behavior caused by over-stimulation associated with excessive screen time use. Usage rates for teens have doubled in the past four years. I am concerned about the time spent using devices, but also how the constant interaction on social media affects our health. I have seen how online bullying and self comparison on social media can have a negative impact on mental health in our youth, especially when constantly faced with other people’s “perfect” lifestyle. Being glued to a screen also reduces the amount of physical activity a person does which impacts their health outcomes. Teens off Screens teaches the community about the consequences of too much screen time, provides resources to help better manage screen use, and promotes social alternatives that support overall health.

In addition to my platform, I will continue to be a champion for the Adopt a Grandparent Outreach and Alzheimer’s Organizations. I am an avid supporter of the elderly community. I spend time visiting with them regularly and actively participate in raising money for Alzheimer’s research.

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