Tiffany Rea Miss California United States - 2020

Miss California United States - 2020

Tiffany Rea

I developed my own platform promoting Volunteerism through Mentorship. Through my service work, I founded the non-profit organization “Caring Crowns,” a community service initiative that encourages others to get involved and emphasize the importance of volunteerism. I enjoy guiding people from all walks of life in finding their passions and applying them to service work.  My motto is “Mentoring Matters” because teaching others to get involved is the best way to raise awareness for multiple causes.  With the unexpected pandemic, I created a social media project called, “Motivation Movement,” in hopes to bring positivity and inspiration while we are experiencing uncertain times.   

I have also become an advocate for the fight against human trafficking. After doing research, I felt a passion and a calling in my heart to integrate internet safety tips into my service work. I strive to work as a mentor to educate others on the dangers of the internet, and I want to show them how to effectively utilize the internet in a safe manner. I am also in the process of starting an anti-trafficking group in my community to raise awareness and fight to end modern day slavery.

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