Sharelle Smith Ms. California United States - 2019

Ms. California United States - 2019

Sharelle Smith

Sharelle Smith was born in Bakersfield and lived in over ten beautiful cities along the Golden Coast. Growing up there were times her family didn’t know where their next meal would come from. That is why the charity “Hope Pantry” means so much to her; their mission is to make sure no family goes to bed hungry. Being a contributor and advocate for Hope Pantry has been extremely rewarding. In a few short months they are now feeding over 200 families a week. While they haven’t solved world hunger, they have been able to make meaningful and impactful changes in their community and that means the world to families in need. 

In addition Sharelle is an advocate for “Fuller Center For Housing”. She is part of the core team, raising funds and recruiting volunteers to help rebuild houses that were destroyed during the tornadoes and floods. They are set to rebuild 10 houses September 29-October 4th. 

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