Madison Farris Miss Junior Teen California United States - 2019

Miss Junior Teen California United States - 2019

Madison Farris

Madison’s platform is Inspire Kindness. She created the platform to promote kindness. Madison wants to teach and be a role model on how to treat others with respect and take on a different approach to anti-bullying, which often is promoted by what NOT to do. Madison wants to bring out the best in others and make them feel great by sharing random acts of kindness.
Madison has served as her 4-H club’s President and Vice-President for the past two years, as well as, volunteered to be a Teen Leader in several projects, where she helps her peers develop their skills in a particular project so that they can show off what they have learned at fairs and shows.
Madison acts as a role model at schools by reading to students and teaching them about kindness and positive behaviors, she has volunteered for the Robby Poblete Foundation by helping to raise money to help take guns off the street and turn them into art, as well as, volunteering in youth organizations to help her peers achieve success in the dreams that they pursue.

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