Courtney O'Steen Mrs. California United States - 2019

Mrs. California United States - 2019

Courtney O'Steen

Love Doesn’t Hurt, Child Abuse Awareness is the platform Courtney champions for by sharing her personal story of overcoming child abuse. Courtney is the founding chapter member of Chicktime, where she facilitates for the Rancho Cucamonga chapter that serves central California. Chicktime is a National non-profit organization that assists survivors of abuse. The goal is to provide a safe and fun environment that helps girls and young women who are survivors of abuse discover their untapped talents. Courtney is also the Spokesperson for Inland Empire United Way and Aspiranet. She is honored to partner with organizations that create safe and loving environments for our youth. Throughout the year she can be found speaking to empower women, hosting self improvement workshops and hosting fundraisers. 

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