Christian Chevalier Ms. Alaska United States - 2022

Ms. Alaska United States - 2022

Christian Chevalier

Two years ago, my children and I survived a very serious and traumatizing event. This event led to a major breakdown in my family, and I was left alone to pick up the pieces.

The man I was married to at the time and had known for 25 years made some very serious and horrific choices. I had to turn him in, to the authorities. He was arrested and has been incarcerated ever since. He has not been formally convicted yet, but thankfully he will most likely spend the rest of his life in prison.

Our family seemed perfect, even I was convinced of this. We were very involved, live in a great area in a beautiful home, and spent a lot of time together having fun. This experience humbled me in such a profound way. I learned it doesn't matter how great life is, nobody is immune from tragic life events.

One of the issues I found was that access to support was at a serious deficit. It was extremely hard for me even though I have an amazing support system. We were in desperate need of help, and it felt next to impossible to find and obtain. We were put on months-long waiting lists. In addition, we were given minimal information on resources to help fulfill our other needs. I thank God I was still in my home and had access to my phone and computer; this is not the case for most women. Without these items and had I been displaced I don't know where we would be right now. I also learned that a lot of women in the same situation won't turn in their abuser because of a lack of support and fears of homelessness. This has got to change!

My platform encompasses all these needs. I am working on a community program that I know will make a huge impact for victims of domestic abuse across the United States. This program is called Project SOS (Sisters Offering Support). My vision is to connect women with past survivors or retired case workers who can offer safe, temporary housing, peer support, childcare, etc. The process to find support for mental health and finances was daunting, especially after a traumatic event. I actually missed out on several programs and opportunities that could have helped my transition. As a survivor, you have gone through this process already and can offer knowledge, direction, and empathy at the deepest level. My dream will give victims an option to escape their situation before it is too late.

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