Skylar Erwin Miss Pre-Teen Alabama United States - 2019

Miss Pre-Teen Alabama United States - 2019

Skylar Erwin

Skylar has taken on 3 important platforms. She is the owner of “Be You” an organization teaching elementary- middle school girls to not compare their lives to others on social media, be who you are,there’s no need to photoshop. She is constantly speaking to groups at school and the boys and girls club, along with raising money and providing insecure girls with “girls day out “ teaching them self love and awareness.
Skylar also is an advocate for Autism. Growing up as the sibling of a brother with Autism. Skylar uses her time teaching kids with autism how to surf and not be afraid of the water. She recently raised over $2000 at a lemonade stand that provided 10 kids with autism swim lessons. 

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