Allie Booth Little Miss Alabama United States - 2019

Little Miss Alabama United States - 2019

Allie Booth

Allie’s platform is “Girls on the Run”.  Girls on the Run is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making sure girls in third thru eighth grade know and use their limitless potential and are able to boldly pursue their dreams.  At an age where girls face social pressures, complicated friendships, and mixed messages on how they should act and who they should be, “Girls on the Run” is committed to teaching girls to recognize their strengths, embrace their potential, and understand that they are the leaders of their lives and can change the world! The program is divided into two season. Each season has a 10 week course where life skills are taught including health and fitness.  At the end of the program, the girls complete a community service project and are physically and emotionally prepared to complete a celebration 5K.  Allie’s goal in supporting “Girls on the Run” is to bring awareness, join the organization in raising money for scholarships for girls, and serving the organization through volunteer work.

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