Malaya Rogers Miss Pre-Teen United States - 2021

Miss Pre-Teen United States - 2021

Malaya Rogers


Malaya Rogers is a Spelling Bee champion, former school President, an ambassador for O.B.O.L. Operation Blankets Of Love, ambassador for her school, and an ambassador for S.A.F.E. Streets Are For Everyone. She is on the Cross Country Team, Swim Team, Golf Team, Basketball Team and Speech & Debate Team. With a strong academic track record and personal drive to match, she has her heart set on attending Harvard Law. In her free time, she loves to read, sing along to Hamilton songs, go on hikes and work on upcoming events for her platform: I CAN Foundations.

As Miss Pre-Teen United States-2021, Malaya’s focus is to inspire a brighter future by educating and inspiring other children. Her goal is to teach our upcoming generation how powerful their voices really are and show them that their united efforts CAN and do make a difference. I CAN stands for: Inspiring Children Across our Nation. Her burning passion is to teach children to care, to volunteer, to respect, to appreciate, to encourage and see each other as equals, regardless of gender or color.

Despite battling her own rare health condition, she wakes up every morning and reminds herself that she CAN. During her reign, Malaya’s goal is to bring I CAN Foundations to as many families and communities throughout the nation as possible. She wishes for us to learn from our past mistakes and create a new future where kindness and caring is everyone’s new normal. Malaya wants children to know they are unique, they are loved, they are valuable, and that they are all extraordinary diamonds in the making. Together, we CAN be the change we need to see. We CAN be the rainbow after the rain.

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