Alexis Northcutt Miss Teen United States - 2021

Miss Teen United States - 2021

Alexis Northcutt

A diagnosis can change your world in the blink of an eye. For Alexis, this happened in the fifth
grade. It was then that she was diagnosed with scoliosis. While this life altering diagnosis was
not the end of the world, it was the end of “normal” daily activities. Alexis had to become
accustomed to pain during simple activities and having to adjust to her body looking different
than others. Due to the pain and negative body images that Alexis endured, she vowed that she
would not let another student go on the scoliosis journey uneducated or alone. Alexis founded
Bent not Broken in order to support and educate the youth of today.  
With a passion to help children that are battling scoliosis, Alexis has her sights set on becoming
a Physical Therapist. Alexis is currently a sophomore at The University of Alabama majoring in
Kinesiology with a focus in exercise science. Her goal is to one day open her own physical
therapy office. Alexis has high aspirations and the work ethic to make those dreams a reality.
She graduated from high school, in Hueytown, Alabama where she was raised, with a 4.5 grade
point average and is currently maintaining a 4.0 on her college work. This dedication can be
seen in all aspects of her life. Alexis pushes for all areas of her life to be in order, her academic
career, advocating for Scoliosis Warriors, and preparing for pageants.   
Pageantry has led Alexis to have an arena to bring light to the often-overlooked abnormality of
scoliosis. She is dedicating her reign to making sure that no one ever feels like they are not
enough because of their diagnosis.

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